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M-SHE Productions Youth Program

We firmly believe in the power of performance and the freedom it can bring to all artists who seek it's art form.  We love to surround ourselves with fierce, passionate, and determined individuals who want to focus on their craft primarily through dance.  Both the competitive and theatre worlds have played a big part in my life and they have shaped the artist I am today.  I want to continue to share all I know with others and inspire their professionalism and creativity to blossom.

We want to help individuals excel in a professional work ethic, skill level, and performance level, so they are prepared for when they reach the next moment in their career.  Not everyone's adventure with us will be identical.  We want to work with individuals to present them a path that sparks their soul in the right way for them to succeed.  Whether you're a full time student with us or a part of one track that we offer, theatre or competitive, we are excited to work with you.


If you have any questions, please send them to  If you know of others who are or might be interested in our new programs, please pass our e-mail onto them so we can be in touch.


We look forward to sharing the beauty of the arts with your dancer.


Thank you,

Maggie Culp

M-SHE Productions

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