There are four different levels within M-SHE Productions Performing Arts:



*Protege Level 2

*Protege Level 1


An Artist, entertainer and technician who has been formerly trained/self-taught in dance, music, and/theatre and is pursuing a professional performing career.


an Artist who is training specifically for a professional dance, Music, and/theatre career ages 15-18 years old.

Protege Level 2~

An aspiring young dancer, Musician, Actor/Actress ages 11-14 years old.

Protege Level 1~

An aspiring young dancer, Musician, Actor/Actress ages 8-10 years old.

There are two different tracks:


*Dance Education

Theatre Track~

Artists from all four performing arts levels will meet on Sunday Mornings for company class that will lead right into rehearsal for productions that will take place throughout the 2019-2020 season from September through May.  Most sessions will be eight weeks leading up to a weekend of Company Performances.  There will be three different productions this season: one in November, one in February, and another in May.  

Dance Education Track~

Serious dancers from the ages of 8-18 will take classes for 1-3 days of competitive rehearsals a week from September through May.  Styles that we are currently focusing on are: ballet, progressive ballet, jazz, contemporary, tap, musical theatre, hip hop, trickster, improvisation, acting, strengthening and conditioning.  We want to create and present opportunities for those who are interested to travel for: conventions, competitions, performance opportunities, and auditions.  

For our youth members~our program is designed to meet the needs of each individual.  You do not need to participate in both tracks in order to work with M-SHE Productions.  We want to encourage an environment where the artists are able to grow, reflect, and learn what a professional performing career is like while We will continue to put them in real time situations and have them work with professionals in performances and other scenarios.

Registration will be open soon!

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