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Our fall production is

The wind rustles the leaves beneath your feet.  Something stirs, causing the hairs on your body to rise.  

Magic is in the air...

Settle in with us, as we take you on the journey of the classic film, "Hocus Pocus" via whimsical dancing, movie projection, and live music.  


The dead are back and can't wait to make things Amuk, Amuk, amok!


at The Parkway in Minneapolis

Sunday, November 7th at 1:30pm


M-SHE participated

in our third

MN Fringe Festival

Production in 2019

 with, "Folklore!"

"Beautiful, Captivating Romeo & Juliet

Thank you for an unexpectedly fine performance! I was hooked from the start with Parker Culp's loud, pulsating music, which captured the heartbeats and the shifting mood changes throughout the show. The beginning number was captivating and set the mood for the evening's performance. The costuming and make-up was exceptional. The mechanism of covering the faces and showing just the eyes was sensual, scary and almost erotic, which I express carefully, recognizing the range of ages of the performers - but it was. Maggie Culp has created a very good show, and performs herself as Lady Capulet, adding the group numbers, and winning away attention in her own solo pieces. The leads, Tristan Sanborn and Lola LaFond are exceptionally talented young dancers. They had a very able group of supporting performers in this company. The two youngest, Charlotte and Leighton are very capable and strong dancers for their ages. The tap-off of the two covens was a very well-choreographed number, but I found great beauty in the ending pieces with the red cape-style effect, and in the Romeo & Juliet love story section. The story was very followable. And it was fascinating to see the wide variety of dances incorporated from tap to modern to ballet to acro (new to me, but very easy to identify). Thank you for an unexpectedly good show to have seen in this year's Fringe."

~Wes Volkenant

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"Hocus Pocus, The Black Flame Candle"