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Past productions

"The Greatest Show"


The fall wind is hollowing and there's a buzz in the air, creating the perfect atmosphere for an amusing performance!  Sit back and let us entertain you and yours with the beloved songs from the "The Greatest Showman," as our Artists bring the movie to the dance floor.  With live music, beautiful costumes, and whimsical dancing, we hope to stir a hope inside of you that anything is possible. 

Past Performance

2022 Ballet Co. Laboratory

1 hour Full Performance


"Hocus Pocus,
The Black Flame Candle"


The wind rustles the leaves beneath your feet.  Something stirs, causing the hairs on your body to rise.  

Magic is in the air...

Settle in with us, as we take you on the journey of the classic film, "Hocus Pocus" via whimsical dancing, movie projection, and live music.  


The dead are back and can't wait to make things Amuk, Amuk, amok!

Past Performance:

2021 Parkway in Minneapolis; 1 hour Full Performance

"The Nightmare Before Christmas"


Come along as we watch the king of Halloween Town, Jack Skellington, discover if he is ready to take over the beloved holiday, Christmas!  Meet all your favorite Tim Burton Characters as we reenact his masterpiece claymation movie through dance and live music!

Past Performances

2019 Dreamland Arts 
1 hour Full Performance




Fierce and athletic performers dance in the styles of: contemporary, jazz, hip hop, tap, musical theatre, and acro.  Take in the sonic masterpiece sound of original music and remixes of 30 Seconds to Mars.  The rumble of the drum replaces their long lost heartbeats, while the guitar whispers on your skin.  You'll be surrounded by two opposing vampire covens, with the classic twisted love story of Romeo and Juliet. 


Past Performance: 

2019 Rarig Arena; 50 minute MN Fringe Festival Performance

A Tribute to Nosferatu, A Night of Terror


Accompanied by music that matches fall wind howling and dancing (contemporary and musical theatre) that moves like the beautiful mysterious glow of the moon, we present the classic horror film, "Nosferatu."

Nosferatus Show Photo.jpg

Photo by: With Love Photography

Past Performance: 

2018 Dreamland Arts; 1 hour full performance

"L'Heure de Minuit"


The Carnys are up to no good and the Victorians are no longer hiding behind their fans.  "L'Heure de Minuit" is an original theatrical victorian carnival performance.  With: live bone shaking music, whimsical dancing (tap, jazz, contemporary, musical theater, hip hop, and acro) side show acts (body sharing, contortionists, aerialists, fire dancing, hula hoops, and baton) and the smell of sweet fun, there's truly something for everyone.  But be warned, you might be lured into the Carnival!  


Past Performances:
2013 Patrick's Cabaret; 1 hour preview
2014 The Lab Theater; 2 hour full performance
2015 The Ritz Theater; 45 minute MN Fringe Festival Performance 
2018 Minnsky Theatre, 1.5 hour full performance
2018 Can Can Wonderland, 1 hour full performance
2023 The Southern Theater, 1.5 hour full performance




It's the 1940's and we've finally done it... Earth is damaged from wasteful humans. To add to matters there's something among the populace that is causing quite an uproar. Through electrifying live music ranging from Queen B to Prodigy, that will make the hair on your skin vibrate, and intense dancing in the styles of: hip hop, contemporary, musical theatre, tap, and jazz, we've seriously got something for everyone! So, let's get our sy-fy on together and examine this Earth shattering dilemma.

Past Performances:

2017 Minnsky Theatre; 1 hour full performance

2017 The Southern Theater; 1 hour full performance MN Fringe Festival at



La Malediction


The Carnys have proven to be thieves of more than a few extra coins and thus they've all been cursed.  When the moon sets high in the inky sky their true form takes place.  Sharp fangs and eternal life, with the promise of never dying.  Vampires one and the same.  They've seen the error of their naughty ways and can't imagine this life for any human, but one tempts them with an offer they just might not be able to refuse.  While this is a sequel to "L'Heure de Minuit," there are narratives to help guide you through and we promise the storyline holds strong on its own.


Past Performances:

2014 Dreamland Arts Center; 1 hour full performance

2014 Patrick's Cabaret; 1 hour full performance

2016 Dreamland Arts Center; 1 hour full performance

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